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Oct 10, 2017

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About Company

ResolvoBit Limited is a reliable investment company that offers you a unique opportunity to increase your capital by making an advantageous investment in a prospective crypto currency. All over the world, the most successful businessmen reach incredible heights, making successful deals every day. Join them with us: we offer profitable investment terms (terms, percent, profit) and constant access to your own finances.

With us, you will be able to climb the career ladder without any special effort, as your money and our managers will work. You will completely control the process, receiving all the reliable information at the first request. By entrusting us your money, you invest in your success and the future of your children. Besides, new investment opportunities are accessible to you with us.

Profitable service plans

Terms of the project are developed in such a way that anyone can choose the appropriate service plan and make an investment based on their financial capabilities.

Flexible referral system

Having three levels, the referral system brings you additional income every time a new investor joins the project. Your percentage depends on the level of the program.

Regular payments

You can get your money as soon as you want: the service plan has a specific procedure for paying the percentage on the deposit and timing.
Company Adress
27, Old Gloucester Street, LONDON, WC1N 3AX, UNITED KINGDOM

Service plans

To stand in line with successful businessmen, it is enough to join our project. You can become an investor at any convenient moment for you. Simply select the service plan and make a deposit. In a few hours, money will start working on you, and you will get the first profit. Within each service plan, there are conditions for accumulation and payment. Carefully study them before making a choice – even here you can choose the most profitable and suitable option for you. Remember, this is the investment in your success, let it be the maximum!
Service plan START
Minimum profit per hour: 0.16%
Withdrawal after: 24 hours
Comission: 5%
Min - max: 0.005 BTC / 5.0 BTC
Service plan OPTIMAL
Minimum profit per hour 0.18%
Withdrawal after: 24 hours
Comission: 5%
Min - max: 5.001 BTC / 10.0 BTC
Service plan MAXIMUM
Minimum profit per hour: 0.21%
Withdrawal after: 24 hours
Comission: 5%
Min - max: 10.001 BTC / 100.0 BTC
Choosing a service plan, be guided not only by your desires but also by financial opportunities at the moment. In our project, you can make the unlimited number of investments, so after trying one service plan, you can evaluate the advantages of the next one. All investments are protected, and the data is encrypted in such a way that only our employees and you have access to them. Your personal account will display the amount of your profit at the moment, you will always be aware of your financial well-being.

Last Deposits

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1 masterhyip 0.02500000 Ƀ
2 ab240590bov 0.00500000 Ƀ
3 nikhil20077 0.02000000 Ƀ
4 Erzengel 0.01000000 Ƀ
5 Hotchpotch 0.00900000 Ƀ
6 gerkon 0.00500000 Ƀ
7 qidai888 0.00500000 Ƀ
8 LOG_DOG 0.00900000 Ƀ
9 DobermanBTC 0.01700000 Ƀ
10 jkuzina911 0.03000000 Ƀ

Last Withdrawals

Nr. Login Amount
1 Kryptobot 0.00050000 Ƀ
2 MarkusMaier 0.00076827 Ƀ
3 shamp2 0.00085687 Ƀ
4 NOPROBSHYIPS 0.00078400 Ƀ
5 WoodyBalto 0.00096000 Ƀ
6 Berkshire 0.00070400 Ƀ
7 gingersnap 0.00192000 Ƀ
8 makecoins 0.00054400 Ƀ
9 nikhil20077 0.00054400 Ƀ
10 BitMaklerCom 0.00147200 Ƀ

Referral program

This is another opportunity to earn money in our project. In order to have additional income, it is enough to spread the information about the investment company. So you become a full partner and get paid for it – your commission. Your profit will vary depending on the level of the program. Money from the referral program immediately goes to the account. You can use it completely at your discretion: to invest additionally in the project or to receive cash.
1 Level
Ref program 5%
2 Level
Ref program 2%
3 Level
Ref program 1%

Reliable project

There is no deceit and double bottom. By investing in our project, you are guaranteed to make a profit.

Stable income

You do not have to worry about your deposits, the money starts working for you as soon as it is credited to the balance.

Secure information

All your data is protected by special algorithms and will never fall into the hands of third parties.